World Food Recipes

Choose your favourite food from around the world or try something new. New Recipes will be added all the time #getcooking #cookwithsimon

I love food and I love cooking, I am sure this is obvious by now but I love sampling new creations, trying foods from all around the world and sharing amazing recipes. Our world is huge, we all share it but we all have our own foods, we cook differently, have access to different ingredients and our diets differ massively, this to me is exciting and how lucky are we that we can share each other worlds through food.

World Food Italian Recipes

Italian food is full of fresh ingredients such as ripe tomatoes, pungent basil and mouth-watering garlic. Pasta is their world and its not the basic dried stuff we find in supermarkets, they make it fresh and they bring it to life with simple but beautiful sauces, meats, herbs and vegetables

World Food Indian Recipes

Indian food bursting with spice not always hot but my goodness tasty, meet cooked to perfection so still juicy and they add vegetables and rices to accompany their dishes which equally are a taste sensation

World Food American Recipes

American Food lest face the American theme has gone crazy in recent and I am not upset at all by this because it means BBQ sauces, slow-cooked meat, finger-licking chicken and messy ribs, its filling and tasty.

World Food Mexican Recipes

Mexican let’s face it, it sings heat and zest, its fresh coriander is thrown on top amazing meat and salads. They use amazing beans to bring their dishes to live and it honestly cheers me up every time I cook such food

Whatever your favourite food is, try something new, go outside your comfort zone and explore, our world is huge and you need to enjoy it one bite at a time