Welcome to Simon’s Kitchen UK

Welcome to Simon’s Kitchen UK.

Hi my name is Simon and this is my new recipe website and I hope you will enjoy it. The reason why have set this up is because my friends always ask me how did I make a certain dish or if they came round for dinner they would ask for the recipe for my food. Now everyone can access my recipes anytime through Simon’s Kitchen UK.

The way I start to put together a recipe is that I like to think of a dish that I would like to eat, inspired either from the television or a cook book or even a restaurant, and I try to replicate it and/or improve so it tastes delicious.  Before I publish any of these recipes on this website, I would have made it at least 3 times to make sure the ingredients and quantities are correct. Please remember that these recipes are to my liking, if you follow my instructions you will produce very tasty meals for you and your family to enjoy, but please add/replace or reduce ingredients to suit your taste buds. Don’t be afraid to experiment and adjust my recipes to suit you.

I am working on some very nice new recipes and will publish them when I can.  I am also looking to produce You Tube videos of my recipes so you can follow along.  Let me know what recipes you would like to see.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my website and enjoy.


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