Best Food Processor in 2018

Best Food Processor in 2018

Tefal DO824H40 DoubleForce Pro

Best Food Processor in 2018

Are you looking to quickly chop, slice, shred, etc. to speed up your food preparation time at mealtimes? With costs beginning from around £60, this is my pick of the best food processors you can purchase on Amazon in 2018.

The best food processor is not generally a need but more of comfort or convenience. Be that as it may, that doesn’t stop them being a popular buying decision for those people that cook regularly, and it’s a hard device to live without once you’re accustomed to having one. It makes food preparation like slicing and shredding and whizzing up soups significantly less time consuming that you’ll never want to be without one again. On the off chance that you cook dinners for a large family or batch cook dishes for the week, a good food processor will be significantly faster than doing it by hand – even if you are fast with a knife! In any case, while it’s almost certain that a good food processor will shave valuable minutes off the time spent in the kitchen, the question is, whether it merits taking it out for smaller dishes.  In the event that there’s an excess of faffing around with clumsy extras and hard to clean bowls, at that point a food processor will just waste additional time with regards to cleaning up – and in addition, if you keep the food processor on the worktop it will take up valuable workspace. Regardless of whether you’re dicing and slicing vegetables, mixing soup or grating cheese, the best food processor needs to be easy to clean and at the same time-saving time in the kitchen to spend with the family.

My Top 5 Best Food Processors in 2018 from Amazon

1: Kenwood FDP301SI Multi-Pro Compact Food Processor: The best food processor under £70

Price when reviewed: £65.20 (April 2018)

Kenwood FDP301SI Multi-Pro

The FDP30 series is Kenwood’s latest offering to the compact food processor market, it has a sleek yet durable and space-saving design because the 800-watt motor is underneath the mixing bowl and not beside it. Even though it’s compact it still has a 2.1 Litre bowl capacity and a 1.2L working capacity which is pretty decent for its size and it also comes with a 1.2-litre blender that swaps in for the mixing bowl. This is one of the best food processors and is complimented with an emulsifying tool and a reversible disc for thick grating and slicing and stainless steel knife blade for chopping and pureeing. Unusually for such a cost-effective food processor, you can also adjust the power between 2 speeds as well as using the pulse button for short bursts for more control. With four suction pads holding it to the worktop it is a very sturdy machine and is ideal for the space-saving consumer or start up cook with smaller kitchens without compromising too much on power or performance.

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2: Tefal DO824H40 DoubleForce Pro Multifunction Food Processor: The best food processor under £100.

Price when reviewed: £99.99 (April 2018)Tefal DO824H40 DoubleForce Pro

This elegant food processor in dark grey with chrome inserts gives you a high performing food processor and a blender in one brilliant and easy machine. It has two motor speeds: orange for speed and purple for turning force. Six simple pre-programmed settings which remove the guesswork from food preparation. It is very easy to use by attaching the bowl you need (chopping or blender) and turn the manual dial to choose a setting on the instinctive control board. The Double Force Pro will alter the speed and turning force consequently, almost guaranteeing a perfect result. There is also a pulse setting for when you want to be in complete control. With a noteworthy 1000W, as well as a big 3L chopping bowl and 2L blender jug, this multifunctional machine can deal with any food preparation task you can give it. It’s strong and sturdy on the worktop too, even at full power so you can be confident in leaving it alone while you get on with other tasks. The DoubleForce Pro comes complete with a stainless-steel cleaving cutting edge, three stainless-steel reversible plates, a kneader, chopper, mixer, citrus press and spatula. The In-bowl disc storage box and integrated cord storage keep things tidy, while the Easy-Lock lid with six locking positions, and right- and left-locking bowl allow safe and easy operating.

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3: Magimix 5200XL: The best high-end food processor

Price when reviewed: £305.95 (April 2018)Magimix 5200XL

This is my favourite best food processor because it is the most versatile and invaluable addition to any kitchen. With its 3 bowls, the 5200XL has all the functions you need every day in the kitchen, the main bowl for mincing, mixing, chopping, kneading, grating, slicing, emulsifying; The mini bowl for chopping herbs & small ingredients; and the midi bowl perfect for mayonnaise and salad dressings. I like the extra-large feed tube which allows for slicing and grating of whole or large pieces of fruit & vegetables. It also comes with a triple pusher, stainless steel blade, Blender Mix, dough blade, egg whisk, 2mm slicing/grating disc, 4mm slicing/grating disc, spatula, storage box, recipe book and citrus press. The design is practical and space-saving in many ways but has the disadvantage that you can’t use the smaller bowls without having the big one in place so you could get the other bowl dirty and end up washing 2 bowls. There are simply three buttons (stop/auto/pulse) to use all the different functions and then the motor automatically adjusts the power depending on what’s in the mixing bowl. It’s heavy, but this and its solid build quality mean that it doesn’t vibrate too much and certainly won’t skitter around on the worktop. The powerful and efficient 1100W induction motor is surprisingly quiet. An expensive but great-quality food processor that’s perfect for foodies and families. I love it!

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4: Ninja 1500W Food Processor with Nutri Ninja and Auto-iQ: A food processor, ice-crusher and smoothie maker all-in-one

Price when reviewed: £139.99 (April 2018)Ninja 1500W Food Processor

Ninja is best known for its personal blenders, which perform well and work much like a NutriBullet.  This package is a precision food processor, high-performance blender, and it doesn’t stop there – this kitchen system also includes an integrated Nutri Ninja personal blender, that’s 3 appliances in one! This all-in-one system has eight different speeds and settings including five Auto-iQ programmes saving you both time and effort through one-touch intelligence. As smart as the name suggests, simply press one button and it does all of the work for you. Delivering unique pulse, pause and blend patterns suited to the food, drink or snack you are creating. A combination of a powerful motor and clever programs make quick work of blending ice, nuts and more gives you precision and the control with ultimate ease and no fear of over-processing. In the package comes 2.1L Pitcher & Lid, 1.8L Food Processing Bowl, Feed Chute Lid, Total Crushing Blade, Chopping Blade, Dough Blade, Tritan Cups, Slicing/Shredding Disc, Grating Disc, Instruction Book and recipe guide. Overall, it’s pretty loud but works quickly so at least you won’t have to endure the noise for too long. It’s also good and sturdy and you will need to find somewhere to store all those lovely attachments as it does not come with a storage box.

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Cuisinart FP14DCU Food Processor, 3.3 Litre: The Best Food Processor overall

Price when reviewed: £229.94 (April 2018)Cuisinart FP14DCU

Whether you are mixing, pureeing, chopping or slicing, this Cuisinart Food Processor is one of the best food processors to consider. With classic styling and a big 3.3L bowl, this one looks great in the kitchen but is also built for top performance with its ultra-quiet 1400 watt motor. The technology used creates a leak-proof seal between the interlocking bowls so if processing ingredients in the small bowl, nothing leaks into the larger bowls beneath unlike other machines in its class. It also has an easy-lock lid which presses into place so there is no awkward twisting and turning. For safety, the blades lock in place inside the work bowl to keep things safe when pouring and the professional die-cast base means no movement on the worktop during use. The specialist dough function works harder with larger quantities such as dough in order to maintain speed and efficiency which can be awkward with other food processors, especially when making pizza dough for example. The best thing about this food processor from Cuisinart is the 20-year warranty and the great customer service if things go wrong.  I have seen lots of customer comments to back this up and I think this is worth paying the price of this machine. This machine comes with 3 bowls, Slicing and shredding discs, large and small, Dough blades with dough function, 2 feed tubes, large and small and a Lockable storage box for blades and discs.

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